We would like to offer to our customers the following services:

  • Supply, install and configure our TGB software suite or its parts/modules;
  • Participate in the development of new or reworking existing product technical documentation (operational , maintenance, repair/overhaul documentation);
  • Organization-level consulting services on the processes regarding tech doc development.

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Reworking existing documentation into S1000D format.

We gained a huge experience in this kind of activity working with complex aviation, land and marine equipment. Usually, such projects include the following stages:

  • Analysis of existing documentation;
  • Development of DMRL (Data Module Requirements List) and Codification Rules;
  • Reworking /restructuring of text parts;
  • Creation of illustrations in customer-agreed formats;
  • “Assembling” the integrated publication and verification;
  • Publishing the documentation in a single or multiple formats.

We have successfully fulfilled numerous projects related to such world famous civil and combat aircrafts like (Су-30МКИ / МКМ / МКИ(А) / МКК / МК2, Су-27СК, Ту-214, Ту-204, Як-130, Ми-8 / Ми-17, Ми-38, Ка-32А11ВС, Ка-226Т, Ка-31), engines (ПС-90, ПД-14, ВК-2500, АЛ-41), and other defense products.

We are proud to announce that Electronic documentation developed by our company is widely used all around the world - in Russia, India, South Korea, Malaysia, China, Syria, Venezuela, Algeria and other countries.

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Development of illustrations

We offer our services in development of different illustrations for operational, maintenance and repair documentation:

  • Transform your drawings and schemes into high-quality 2D/3D illustrations for use in your manuals, IPCs or training materials.
  • Transform your 3D-design models into simplified 3D-models suitable for illustration purposes, supporting animated and interactive controlled (zooming, rotating, moving) scenes of operation or maintenance of the product / parts of the product.

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Transformation and conversion of XML data

We offer different services of transformation and conversion of XML data received from different information systems similar to TG Builder (PTC Arbortext, Seamatica, Cortona Rapid Catalog, Corena Studio, SiberSafe), or translation of data from one version of ASD S1000D into another (1.0 / 2.3 / 3.0 / 4.1).

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We offer different types of training in the areas mentioned above. We can do it on your site, at our training facility, on-line via Internet.

During the years of our work, we have trained over 400 professionals in different industries and different countries (India, China, Serbia).

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