The Moscow Mil Helicopter Plant need not to be introduced, since every 7th helicopter in the world has the “Mi” inscription on its fuselage. Famous “Mi-8/17” helicopter type is #1 in the medium helicopters market and operates in more than 80 countries.

Since 2007, Mil Design Bureau has been developing all of their technical publications using the TG Builder suite of products. Over these years, our specialists, together with their Mil counterparts, have found a lot of solutions to cope with common challenges facing technical publications development teams.

The key challenge was to manage a plenty of designers, technical writers, manufacturers and suppliers all over the world in a way that ensures that data modules obtained from different vendors are well-formed and easily integrated into the Common Source Database. The solution was found through the development of a strict set of rules implemented as “business rules” (in terms of ASD S1000D) which were embedded into and controlled by the TG Builder software.

After such a preliminary workup, the technical publication development for “Mi”-helicopters has been carried out as a well-controlled automated process, in a distributed environment with TG Builder as a key solution and over 30 manufacturers involved.