Technical Guide Builder (or shortly — TG Builder or TGB) is a set of software tools for development, configuring, management and publication of operational, maintenance and repair/overhaul documentation (reffered to as the — "Technical documentation") that meets ASD S1000D requirements.

TGBuilder is a practical embodiment of the concept of “modular” technical documentation in line with the S1000D philosophy and dramatically differs from other similar software products on the market.

Its key advantages are:

Documentation developing
  • Documentation is developed in WYSIWYG-mode. Developers need not to have a deep understanding of XML or S1000D schemes. The user does not even suspect that the generates results formally represented in XML;
  • The source data may be in any digital (or even paper!) format: from digital drawings, electronic spreadsheets to 3D-models and S3000L LSAR. For such complex products as aircrafts this significantly reduces development time. In case S3000L LSAR is used as a source — most of the data modules are generated automatically.

Different variants of publication

Different variants of publication:

  • page-oriented publication (PDF) with hyperlinks, which can be easily printed on paper;
  • fully-interactive electronic technical manual in PDB-format with built-in browser (TG Browser). In this case we provide maximum functionality: 3D-geometrical models, logical diagrams, video clips, interface with diagnostic equipment and etc;
  • Web-pages, generated by TG Web Server from PDB-publications. Can be accessed via internet browsers from desktops and notebooks as well from mobile devices running IOS, Android, Linux and other platforms;
  • set of XML files, to be transferred to external information systems.

Wide range of tools

Wide range of tools necessary to developers: from special tools of quality and configuration management to support of electronic workflow procedures of approval and publication.

All these tools were designed and developed as the result of our personal experience gained in projects of development of IETM for «Tupolev», «Sukhoi», «Yak» aircrafts, «MIL», «Kamov» helicopters and another complex products.

Various types of documentation

TG Builder supports the development of various types of documentation according to ASD S1000D: descriptive documentation, maintenance procedures and fault isolation procedures, different illustrated catalog and so on.

TG Builder can be easily configured to match customer needs. It is confirmed by our practical experience!

TGB functionality can be extended by TG Web Server and TG Browser Mobile