TG Browser Mobile

TG Browser Mobile

If the customer wants to use a mobile device to access the publication — we offer TG Browser Mobile — a small application for Android 4.0 and later. You can download it from Google Play or use the apk-file from the deliverable CD/memory stick.

TG Browser Mobile offers content filtering, searching and navigation tools. It can save necessary documents and your navigation history.

Working with interactive illustrated parts catalogs TG Browser Mobile provides standard ordering/electronic basket functionality.

Support of two modes

TG Browser Mobile support two modes:

  • ONLINE — in this mode the customer has direct access to the publication on a remote server;
  • OFF-LINE — in this mode, the customer can download the publication to his/her mobile device and work offline. It is very useful when customers don't have stable connection to the data base, but can update the publication or IPC periodically.