Technical Guide Builder version 4 is available for order

New TG Builder version 4 is divided into modules, so users can add necessary modules to extend the functionality of the basic TGB configuration.

New features of Technical Guide Builder 4 include:

  • Electronic Digital Signature for approval of documentation;
  • XML export\import according to S1000D 4.1 requirements;
  • Creation of joint PDF documents with pages of different sizes (А4 and А3);
  • Spellchecker for Russian and English;
  • Support of remote license server;
  • Support of a new XVL-format for 3D-models and animation;
  • Special tools for aircraft documentation:
    • "Crew information” data module editor;
    • "Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL)" data module editor;
    • "Material consumption rates" data module editor.